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How to keep your school's website costs down

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Websites for schools are mostly static sites, which means they are for information only. An interactive or dynamic site, on the other hand, allows the visitor to sign up for something, buy something, leave a message, blog, or fill out a form.  A dynamic website is much more expensive than a static website.

1.  Avoid creating forms to be filled out online, such as enrollment forms.  Instead, include forms in pdf format which parents can print off from their computers.

2,  Limit the number of pictures used.   A picture of all the 2nd grade teachers will cost less to put up than a separate picture for each teacher.

3.  Use the same font type and color throughout the site.

4.  Fewer sections in the content section of a webpage translate to a lower cost.

5.  Displaying text in paragraphs and headings costs less than displaying information in lists or graphs.

6.  Use the same page set up for all pages. This includes the banner, the placement of the links, and the area for displaying the content.

7.  Have a limited use of color for backgrounds and text.  Use black text against a white background with color only in the heading banner and pictures.

8.  Word documents converted to pdf format can be posted online for a fraction of the cost of developing a webpage each time there is new content.

Your School Website

...can simply be that central resource for all the important information parents and students need to know.

  • Board Meeting Announcements

  • Board Meeting Minutes

  • Lunch Menus

  • News Items

  • Public Notices

  • Sports Schedules

  • Calendars

  • School Supply Lists

  • Employment Openings

  • Financial Transparency

  • Reading Lists

  • Fund raising projects *